FAQs for Clubs


Who is covered?

Cover is provided for:

Any clubs affiliated to Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland, or Welsh Triathlon.

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What is covered?

The Liability insurance includes cover for:

  • Public liability - bodily injury to third parties
  • Professional indemnity - losses out of errors and omissions
  • Abuse - protection for damages awarded against the organisation
  • Legal defence costs – incurred in the defence of a claim.
  • Employers' liability - for damages and legal costs arising from death or injury caused to employees
  • Directors and officers liability - personal protection for committee members in respect of claims made against them relating to the management of the club. 

There are exclusions and limits against these policies as set out in the policy document. 

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How much cover has been arranged?

The Limits of Indemnity provided under each section of cover are:

  • Public Liability: £15m (each and every claim)
  • Products Liability: £15m (each and every claim and per policy year)
  • Professional Indemnity: £10m (each and every claim)
  • Abuse:£10m (each and every claim and per policy year, including costs)
  • Directors & Officers Liability: £500,000.

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Are clubs that are part of a wider commercial organisation or chain covered?

No, cover for a family of commercial organisations must be arranged by the owners of the parent company in respect of the risks arising from all if their activities, including the organisation of the triathlon events.

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What activities are covered?

Protection is provided for a wide range of activities including:

  • Organised triathlon and triathlon related training, competitions
  • Social, fundraising and administrative activities
  • A club which borrows, rents or leases premises for sporting or social purposes and is held liable for any damage to the facilities

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Is there a policy excess to pay in the event of a claim?

There is a £250 policy excess, in relation to each and every claim.

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