FAQs for Coaches

Are affiliated coaches always covered by the Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland or Welsh Triathlon policy?

If you are an affiliated coach, you will be insured for the coaching programme that you are delivering, providing you are an Individual member of an Association and appropriately qualified to conduct a particular activity.

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I coach under a trading name. Am I covered?

If you coach under a trading name (e.g. John Smith t/a Elite Triathlon Coaching) then you are working as a sole trader and so cover will still apply.

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I trade as limited company. Am I covered?

No. You are affiliated to Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland or Welsh Triathlon as an individual. By incorporating your business as a limited company you have created a separate legal entity that has liabilities of its own, separate to yours. In these circumstances it is essential that you arrange insurance for your business. The British Triathlon insurance brokers Howden, can advise on this and arrange whatever cover you need. Contact us for assistance.

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Does my Coach insurance cover my trainee coaches?

A trainee is covered, providing they are an individual member of the Association. They are only covered, however, if they are working alongside you (within sight). If they are unsupervised, they would need to rely on their own insurance cover and would not be protected by the policy.

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If a trainee Coach is injured and holds me responsible, am I protected by the insurance?

If you have a trainee coach working for you then you could be held responsible for an injury they sustain in the course of their work with you. If they are working for you on a voluntary basis, you are insured. If they are an employee - they are NOT insured.

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I've been injured myself, does the insurance provide me with any cover?

As an individual member of Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland or Welsh Triathlon you are provided with Personal Accident benefits which will pay a lump sum in the event of a fatal accident or accident that leads to permanent total disablement.

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If I suffer an injury at a time whilst I'm NOT coaching am I still insured?

Triathlon coaches are only covered for Personal Accident benefit only in respect of injuries suffered whilst training or competing or coaching triathlon related activity.

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How do I make a claim?

Full details of how to claim are provided under the claims section of this site.

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