Top Ten Tips to be a Safe Triathlon Cyclist

  1. Always wear a crash helmet and safety glasses.

  2. Be careful what you wear:
    Don’t get too hot
    Don’t get too cold

  3. Eat and drink little and often

  4. If it is wet:
    Lower your tyre pressure, as it gives you more grip
    Take longer to slow down. Your brakes are not as effective when wet
    Use mudguards, especially if you are cycling with friends
    Watch out for rainbow patches, it means the road is greasy
    Keep off the lines – they are slippery when wet

  5. If you are new to cleats:
    Make sure they are loose to start off with.
    Practise taking them off at home, to avoid a fall

  6. If you are cycling at night:
    Make sure you have good lights
    Wear high visibility clothing

  7. Check your bike on a regular basis
    Lots of lubrication
    Lots of wear on your break blocks!

  8. Watch out for other road users
    Cars and lorries are bigger than you
    Pedestrians, especially children, could get hurt if you hit them

  9. Don’t play music through your headphones
    You can’t hear if danger is approaching

  10. Observe the rules on the road

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